The RBG Trio – Live at The Crescent Arts Centre

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Crescent Arts Centre

8:00 PM

BAN BAM is a biennial commission and development opportunity for female and gender-minority artists from across Ireland from IMC and MOM.

Meilana Gillard “a gutsy, inventive player" (The irish Times) will present a suite of music called ‘Chasing Comets’ which will be performed by RBG Trio (Dave Redmond-electric/double basses, Kevin Brady-drums, Gillard on tenor/soprano saxophones).

The 4 movement suite, themed sound the cosmos and outerspace, is comprised of ‘I. Solar Flare’, ‘II. Supernova’, ‘III. Dark Matter’ and ‘IV. Moontide’ and is also a nod to Gillard’s love of video game music of the 1980’s. Using different effects like harmoniser and space echo, as well as a loop station, RBG Trio improvise within these movements, sometimes through-composed, other times free, presenting a variety of grooves from triumphant to mysterious with textures flowing from the very open, to thick and dense. Audiences can look forward to a feeling of fun, play and possibility throughout this short set.

Venue Details

2-4 University Rd, Belfast BT7 1NH, United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
+44 28 9024 2338